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Members Note: 11/11/11

Hi All,
Some current players have not yet been able to do the Draigoch raid so we thought we would ressurect CROME and run it via this forum as a way to organize it. If this interests you, please apply for membership in CROME (see below).

Welcome to the Collective Raiders Of Middle Earth Website!
CROME is a virtual kinship for Lord Of The Rings On line (LOTRO) players on the Meneldor server. The members of CROME reside in various kinships and have banded together here to raid and do high end content within LOTRO.
The target raid right now is Draigoch. If you would like to do this raid with CROME please apply for membership (see below).

You can access this site using the following URL:

If you have any comments or questions regarding CROME, please email Sumax on this site or contact one of the officers in game (Suma).

Members: Please Do The Following:
1) Please read and follow the New Member Instructions shown Under the "Information" Section on the left side of this page

2) Please read and respond to all the "Information" links on the left side of this page.

3) Sign-up for planned raids using the "Events" links on the upper right of this page.

Applicants: Please do the following:
Please fill-out the application using the link below. Try and be thorough but you don't need to go nuts about it :) If you get accepted, please follow the "Members: Please Do The Following" instructions above.

CROME Application Link:

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